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The age of Facebook vs. MySpace; November update

iStock_000005753573XSmall.jpgThis is the latest edition of my look at social networks and their populations from a marketing perspective. All numbers in this post are US-only and are collected using each site's advertising management systems so they are up to date and accurate from a marketer's perspective. (Who wants to talk about populations that can't be reached by marketing? Not me.)

There were some surprising shifts in the population of MySpace this month. Of note:

  • 30.32% drop in the 14-17 age group (October-November)
  • 32.93% gain in the 41-45 age group
  • 40.65% gain in the 46-65+ age group

Facebook, by comparison had fairly consistent gains across all age groups. Increases ranged from 26.30% to 30.86%.

November's look at the real age of MySpace vs. Facebook (US)

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Here are the actual November numbers:

age rangeFacebookMySpacevariance
13-175,189,680 17,573,640339%

MySpace continues to lead by volume across all age groups, here are some interesting details:

  • Females make up 54% of MySpace and 58% of Facebook
  • Males make up 45% of MySpace and 42% of Facebook
  • Facebook's largest percentage gains vs. MySpace are in the 31-35, 41-45, 46-50 and 51-65+
  • MySpace's total US population is 81,607,176
  • Facebook's total US population is 37,387,860

Key takeaways and burning questions:

  • These numbers represent all total users who can be reached through each site's advertising systems (not all active users)
  • I'm continually interested in the Boomer audiences on these sites and how they engage
  • MySpace skews younger than Facebook, engaging more of the highschool population
  • Populations between MySpace and Facebook (18-50) nearly mirror each other in terms of population trends

What do you think? Are you considering MySpace for campaigns? What other networks are you investigating? The demographics and targeting options on both sites let you reach your audience in targeted/tailored ways.

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