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IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Bruce Haines, COO Cheil Worldwide

Picture 37.pngBruce Haines is the President and Global COO of Cheil Worldwide. Bruce just relocated to Seoul and brings a traditional advertising perspective to next generation technologies

Key takeaways:

  • Global economy is having an impact on all marketers
  • Changes are happening rapidly
  • Consumer messaging bombardment is increasing
  • The consumer is boss and has more power then ever - choice is fueling consumer power
  • High quality and excellent value is needed
  • Consumers want a choice of 4-5, they think there are 10-12 and there are really 25 total options
  • Clutter and media fragmentation are growing
  • Marketers have to find ways to connect and thereby break through without interruption, instead engaging them
  • Proving ROI is mandatory and is the accepted benchmark for the C-Suite to gauge the effectiveness of a program
  • ROI can lie as can all metrics
  • Look at the ROI between McCain and Obama. McCain has a much better ROI if you look at dollars spent, but Obama won. That's what matters.
  • Example - Cadburry's Gorilla spot - moved Cadbury to become a "cool" brand which was laughable a year ago - how is this measured?
  • Platform combinations deliver value
  • Consumers don't think in silos - marketers still do
  • Delivering integrated communications is key
  • Brand decisions are intuitive and not rational - information about brands are processed at very low attention/involvement levels
  • Brand reputations are derived over time, there is no source of that feeling, it's almost by osmosis
  • Brand decisions are emotional, brands have body language as do humans, every interaction counts
  • Long-term thinking about branding is mandatory
  • Assessing ROI in a vacuum without taking into account the impact of the brand is ill advised
  • Ad Age quote on advertising ROI - "either the impact on the brand has to be ignored, which seems incorrect, or it has to be put in as an assumption, which makes the analysis suspect"
  • Instead of the death of advertising, it's had a rejuvenation
  • Creativity is key and where we add value
  • Right media choices at the right time is key
  • Beware of "lies, damned lies and statistics"

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