IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Byung Hwi Shin, Neowiz
IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Sean Hyun Wook Park, Head of Youtube Asia Pacific

IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Kwang-Seop Sohn, Chiel Worldwide

34A83C7A-5FB1-4AD5-AF08-54B56D985072.jpgKwang works at Chiel Worldwide in their interactive group, "the i". The presentation focused on a case study for Samsung's HAPTIC device. The Haptic looks very similar to the iPhone, but the operating system is unique.

Here is a video overview of the phone's functionality:

  • Focus of the campaign was on brand experience and contagion
  • The Haptic phone launch is very similar to the iPhone (full screen touch)
  • Phone launched with a premium image/brand and technical image
  • "first is better than better" - Samsung was not the first mover in this space
  • The touch sensor provides feedback
  • Japanese book "HAPTIC" gave the team feedback on how to approach marketing the device
  • Had to explain the haptic term through many media outlets in a way people could understand
  • Launch show made to mirror Steve Jobs keynote addresses, invited power bloggers
  • Tagline "touch and it will react" driven through ads
  • Use of celebrity to drive the "touch" focal point in ads, online, screen saver
  • Haptic blog helped to engage users, also reached out to power bloggers to get their unique and personal experiences

Samsung also created a new ad where a building transforms in to the phone. The gist of the conversation is the guy with the phone says that his phone can become anything he wants. The other guy asks him to prove it by making the building transform.

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