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IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Chang-Il Choi, LG Household and Healthcare

18CB5939-CBF9-480E-ACA3-239CD8431C17.jpgChang is on the consumer research team at LG's Household and Healthcare. He focused on product design, evolution and innovation. Internal and external forces help companies innovate.

Key takeaways:

  • Customer research in Web 2.0 is the focus of Chang's presentation
  • Creation of new products requires creative customer involvement
  • Internal customers - inner creative staff and researchers
  • External customers - expert customers and other business experts
  • This helps companies break inertia and myopia internally and to use external inertia
  • Look at current and customer competitors
  • Find competitive advantages in design, quality, ads, etc.
  • Trendspotting is necessary - possibly looking at restrictions and overcoming them
  • Cross-pollinating teams will help drive new ideation for products
  • Involving the right outside parties can help lead to more innovation where not expected - need to identify the lead users
  • Experts in other industries can help find new insights that apply
  • Darwin's theory of evolution was spawned from diversity and this is what is happening in technology today - more options let us see this evolution
  • The milk industry shows us the evolution of product/package design - calcium milk, skim, coffee creamer, etc.

Here is an example Chang mentioned from Japan for a new drink called White Coffee from Kirin (better know for their beer brewing in the US). This shifts the consumer from traditional views of coffee/packaging. It could work or backfire.


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