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IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Jung-Yul Yang, CEO TNS Korea

picture-7.jpgJung-Yul is the CEO of TNS Korea. His talk focused on finding the channels that are most effective for marketers to reach their customers. His firm has some interesting measurement methods and constructs for marketers.

Key takeaways:

  • Purpose of marketing comms - persuade, create a higher brand experience
  • Experience/encounters are made up of consumers (who), content (what), contact (how)
  • Fragmentation is a challenge, new mediums are popping up, more selective consumers
  • Questions for marketers are which points to use, how to spend the budget, how to optimize relationships
  • Companies are imitating, experimenting, etc. to find what works
  • Global economy is impacting marketing budgets and year-over-year budgets
  • ROI measurement is lacking across channels
  • Need four items to choose the right channel 1) market contacts, 2) channel clout factor [level of influence of each customer], 3) brand experience points and 4) brand experience share
  • Market contacts - mass media, POS, one-to-one, indirect, sponsorships create 35 possible options
  • Channel clout factor (CCF) - which are most informative, make brand look appealing, rank the 10 most important in daily life = CCF
  • BES/BEP are derived by looking at the clout of each channel compared to the brand
  • Look at most influential channel for a product category - rank from most to least
  • In a credit card example in Korea, TV had the most influence followed by a point of sale solution
  • The influence varies with each product and situation
  • The challenge is to align channel spending with brand experience for that channel
  • Shift viewpoint to that of the customer when viewing each channel
  • Have to look at what the competition is doing to make competitive decisions

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