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IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Helen Park, SVP SK Telecom

Picture 39.pngHelen Park works for SK Telecom, the company who runs Korea's largest social network Cyworld. Today she is presenting their "T" brand case study. T is the mobile lifestyle service from SK Telecom (similar to Verizon/AT&T/etc).

Key takeaways:

  • Rebranding campaign from previous Speed 011 name
  • Three stage advertising campaign - dreamer, 24 hours T, mobile communications
  • Previous campaign was disconnected from the consumer's view
  • Mobile = necessity, essential
  • Moved from service proposition to value proposition brand
  • Engaged in storytelling to convey the new brand proposition
  • Had to evolve from storytelling 1.0 (push/mass) to a never ending story in storytelling 2.0
  • Enable the consumers to tell the story themselves, re-craft it and have it become their own
  • Song in ad campaign was very catchy, open structured and could be crafted into something new
  • Played well with Karaoke culture in Korea
  • Ad campaign played on the openness of the brand through song and the "realize" tagline
  • The gist was "whatever you think can be realized" "anything is possible as you think"
  • Used digital to allow customers to add their own lines to the song
  • Used 2008 Beijing games to build momentum
  • Transformative logo was more symbolic, more rounded (adaptive) and streamlined to match brand attributes
  • Created brand shop "hello T" to pull all of the elements together

Here you can see one of the clips with one of Korea's most popular singers:

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