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IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Jacklyn Lim, SVP AmorePacific

Picture 38.pngJacklyn Joung Ah Lim is the SVP of Marketing Strategy and Planning at AmorePacific (a global beauty products company). Her presentation is on the role of Consumer Behavior Knowledge. Jacklyn spent about 20 years in the US with various consumer products companies include Motorola.

Key takeaways:

  • Changes in product delivery is changing marketing
  • Businesses are spanning categories, channels, geographies and consumers
  • Changing consumer trends: experiential, well-informed, self-preservation, quest for health and wellness, self-obsessed, search for authenticity
  • Need to provide product that matches these trends (though many overlap)
  • Consumer behavior (brad patterns): multi-brand usage pattern, multi-channel shopping, dabbling and sampling, verbal and demanding with frequent brand switching
  • How to win -- focus on the consumer
  • Approach to an emotional category - consumer segmentation and loyalty management
  • Segments look at myriad factors - media consumption, rational v. emotional, spend level, country of origin, information engagement, involvement, etc.
  • Form micro segments to manage portfolio and design the consumer experience
  • Look at demographics, lifestyle, channel behaviors, product needs, media consumption, etc. to form unique profiles
  • Take micro segments and apply them to the business (design, R&D, channel planning, communications)
  • Loyalty management is the second key to delivering value
  • Consumer grading - segmentation based on purchase value
  • "Mileage program" - beauty points across channels add value
  • Look at product value across the consumer's lifetime
  • Each change in life allows for an opportunity for them to migrate, need to track how many defect to another brand

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