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IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Bruce Haines, COO Cheil Worldwide

IDG Next Generation Marketing 2008 - Gerry Gouy MTV Networks

Picture 36.pngI'm here in Seoul South Korea (after 21 hours of travel over the past day). It's 9:30am on Tuesday here in Seoul and I'm going to bring you the best points from the IDG Marketing 2.0 and Beyond conference.

I'm speaking tomorrow as the opening keynote and I'll post the Slideshare deck here tomorrow. The presenters are partially in English and partially in Korean, so it's the first time I've used a translator and they've pulled it off very well.

Key takeaways:

  • There is not digital media, it's all media
  • Viacom global youth study found three groups, the most interesting is the "Golden" age group
  • Golden age of youth - People age 25-34 continue to consume music, gaming, etc. in the same way they did when they were teens
  • Golden age groupers are more financially stable as well as happier about who they are as individuals
  • 25 was found to be the ideal age that youth around the world to aspire to
  • Biggest global trend is a flight to quality
  • Move to more traditional platforms that deliver their needs
  • Deals usually span 3-4 media platforms, not 7-8
  • Examples of mobile campaigns that are well executed and truly integrated are lacking
  • ROI on mobile is tougher to get to
  • Video is a huge opportunity on mobile - paid content is very tough to pull off on mobile - ad supported content is the way he has seen success
  • Samsung integrated campaign www.thephotographicadventuresofnickturpin.com immerses you in the experience with very light branding
  • Eagle Eye film - TV/online/mobile
  • British Airways - MetroTwin - Focuses on the similarities between London and New York - provides recommendations and matches you with a person/venue in the other city
  • Convergence within distribution platforms is a key factor
  • Music is a chaotic industry and is a portal to see the future of media. There are no set rules anymore.
  • Broadcast and online is HOT.
  • Credit crunch is hurting true integration. Digital was an afterthought. More advertisers pushing for true integration between broadcast and online. Mobile is left out.
  • Mass audiences are going away on single platforms, they're reached through 360 programs across multiple channels

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