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Inside//Out: Cuil

cuil_logo.pngThe launch of Cuil (pronounced like "cool") hit the RSS readers and tech news with a bang recently. Despite the horrible name that nobody knows how to pronounce (you would think they didn't want any word-of-mouth traffic) and the lack of obvious "beta" status, the new search engine on the block does have some redeeming qualities.

Most importantly, Cuil does not collect user data to refine results instead looking at the context of the result set. Cuil's topical categories and filtering options are handy and the fact that it is not weighted by a mysterious algorithm (like Google's Pagerank) give it a different set of results. Time will tell if it is better overall. Take a peak at the following video overview.

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Here are a few stats that look at the huge uptick and subsequent recoil in attention to the service.

Take this graph from Bill Tancer's blog that looks at Cuil's fading marketshare of visits after a strong lift in the upfront.


Bill's data is backed up by this look at daily traffic attention.

Picture 1.png


  • Does not collect personal data for search result optimization
  • Uses context of the results to refine set
  • Different layout including handy sub-categories and topic sorting

So what do you think?

  • Is there room for change in search?
  • Do you switch search engines or stick with one? (Take the T//M reader poll in the right column!)
  • Is there innovation happening in search?

Let me hear your thoughts.

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