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Inside//Out: Plurk

Picture 3.pngIf you read the title of this post and thought I was kidding about the name of the service, I assure you I am not. Plurk is a new micromedia service that is just coming on the radar screen for the early adopter crowd. It builds on the ideas that Twitter has made de-facto standards and adds a bit more interactivity.

The key differentiator for Plurk is the timeline of messages that users can surf through, the modifiers (loves, hates, thinks) that are used to filter messages and the overall style. This looks to be geared toward a younger audience overall. There is a mobile site at www.plurk.com/m that allows you to post and read Plurks from your friends.

Here is a video overview:

[Feed readers please click through if you cannot see the video.]

Key Takeaways:

  • These sites are all about community and this one is still young
  • Users must update Plurk separately from Twitter, there is no stream connection at this time
  • Plurk allows mobile web and IM updates (haven't seen SMS yet)
  • Plurk is still new so the API isn't open yet
  • I personally think that people can reasonably manage 2 services like this at one time, the most broadly functional services will win out

Are you using Plurk? It's open to try if you'd like. Make sure you add me there. I'll add you back.

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