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Inside//Out: Utterz (beta)

Picture 3.pngUtterz is a new micromedia service along the same lines as Twitter, Pownce and Jaiku. Utterz, however, concentrates more on multimedia than straight text with options to record audio and send video and photos. All of this content is tied to the user's cell phone, so all you have to do is dial in and Utterz knows who you are. The same thing goes with video and photos, just send the file in an email and they post it to your account.

As with any social network, and micromedia networks are no different, there is a balance between audience and functionality. The people make up the network and Utterz is new to the scene and has low adoption right now. On the other hand, the service makes it so easy to create content and automatically feed it out to existing services (website, blog, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) that it is worth a look.

Check out this Inside//Out look at Utterz:

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What you need to know:

  • Utterz allows for micromedia content from a mobile phone to be easily created and distributed
  • Content creation is down to the level where anybody who has a mobile phone can be a creator
  • Content can include voice, video, photos or text
  • Content can also be accessed through the web or through applications built on their API
  • Utterz allows for quick creation, but the power is in the distribution (widgets, RSS feed, etc.)
  • Uses include communication breaking events in photo, video, voice and text, update messages to customers ("the network is down and we're working on it")
  • The use of multimedia allows more expression in out attention-casting
  • The success of these tools is getting the content to the audience, Utterz is a network, but your customer may not be there so extending the content to other networks is a key strategy

Here is one of the widgets that allow you to take the content to

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