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New MySpace profile design; too little too late

myspace_logo.gifI received an email from the MySpace crew the other day informing me that they were working on a new profile look-and-feel. I've had a lot of issues with MySpace's design, which I've noted before. Namely I think the advertising encroachment upon the user's personal space is out of hand. The result is that profile pages look cluttered and corporate.

The new version makes a step in the right direction. You can absolutely see a bit of Facebook UI influence and the advertising real estate has decreased by around 30% (in my estimation). The page uses more white space and puts more emphasis on making it feel more my own. The advertising is still way too prominent across the entire site, there is a complete lack of balance that I believe is one element of the exile of people from MySpace to Facebook.

Here are the old and new designs side-by-side. I've highlighted the personal space on the pages.

Old version
New version

MySpace is still the king of traffic at almost 4 times that of Facebook, but Facebook is growing much more rapidly. I think one of the ways that MySpace could try to stop the flood is to focus more on the users. Whether that is in NewsCorp's plans is doubtful.

So what do you think?

  • Is MySpace still relevant to you?
  • How could they bring you back?
  • Most people have an account, why don't people use it? Is there any going back?
  • If you could sit down and tell Rupert Murdoch one thing about what he should do with the site, what would it be?

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