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Blogging from the Marketing Profs B2B Forum 2007 - Day 1

Picture 12.pngI am in Chicago today attending, shooting video and blogging live from the Marketing Profs B2B Forum 2007. My flight was a bit late getting in so I missed the morning session, but I will be blogging from the keynote from Chip Heath (co-author of Made to Stick) and from the afternoon sessions.

Other bloggers who are in attendance (whom I am aware of) include Todd Andrlik, David Armano, Josh Hallet, Douglas Karr and Ann Handley (who I just met and is nice as can be).

I will update this post as the day unfolds. Stay tuned.


Chip Heath on stageChip Heath gave a great keynote speech over lunch. He kept it light, followed the book's formula, but he added a touch of humor and extra insights that made this really valuable. If you have not read the book, check out the PDF outline that Cam Beck created for the Marketing Profs Book Club.

Branding panelThe branding panel presented by the folks from Babcock Jenkins was well received and full of visual examples to step people through their thinking. Key messaging for me included these points on message creation:

  1. Find one true sentence
  2. Take baby steps
  3. Use sales and customer interviews
  4. Would you buy it?

These points are some of the basics around message creation for any campaign.

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