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Blogging from the Marketing Profs B2B Forum 2007 - Day 2

Yesterday was my second day attending the Marketing Profs B2B Forum in Chicago. I met a lot of blog friends and made some new ones. The panel I attended on emerging media and its implications on B2B marketing was a great one and had the audience truly engaged. Here are my takeaways (videos will be coming later).

[From left to right: Chris Yeh, Todd Andrlik, Mike Gamson, Phil Gomes, Matt Lohman and David Armano]

David Armano (moderator) | Critical Mass

  • B2B is made up of people
  • People demand good experiences
  • Technology is an enabler to deliver experience
  • Site progression has gone from Useful -> Usable -> Desirable -> Sustainable -> Social
  • 25% of social media content on the top 20 brands comes from social media
  • Dell example - Direct2Dell for blogging, Ideastorm for crowdsourcing, DellOutlet on Twitter
  • SalesForce example - Merging platforms with Facebook to create FaceForce

Todd Andrlik | Leopardo Construction

  • Social newsroom at Leopardo powered by Wordpress blogging software
  • Appears traditional, but has built in social media hooks
  • Search, RSS, tagging, categories are all built in
  • Looking to niche audiences to create blogs and show thought leadership (green building)

Matt Lohman | Knowledgestorm

  • Knowledge storm syndicates popular, topical blog content and surrounds it with related white papers and research
  • Engagement is over a longer sales cycle
  • Leveraging RSS to aggregate and disperse information
  • Bringing experts to the customers as a service and surround them with content

Phil Gomes | Edelman me2revolution

  • Demonstrated his Bloglines account live (750+ feeds)
  • Segments the information topically
  • Uses this network of nodes to process raw information
  • Looking at small programs that are more cost effective and add up to big benefit

Chris Yeh | Ustream

  • Video equipment is cheap and available
  • Youtube proves the demand for video is in place
  • Ustream does live video over the web for free
  • The interaction is 2-way
  • Chat is built in so feedback is real time
  • The content is embeddable and therefore portable to other networks
  • There is a sense of urgency with live video (if you miss it you lose out)

Mike Gamson | LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn empowers users to solidify offline relationships
  • Use on new biz pitches to leverage connections
  • The platform is evolving, but is professionally focused
  • Facebook is much more social and should remain separate

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