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The geek shall inherit the Earth

keyboard.jpgSteve Rubel of Micro Persuasion had a very interesting article in this past issue of Advertising Age. The title had me hooked, "As Technology Develops, So Does the Role of the Geek Marketer".

Here is Steve's take from his blog post:

My thesis is this: it's very difficult for anyone in marketing to keep up with all the twists the digital space because technology changes so darn fast. It's like chasing a cheetah. Most marketers - be they clients or agency side - are heads-down running their business. Therefore, companies are creating a new role. They're hiring people who act as translators between the ultra geeks and the marketers, if you will, and shepherd the development of pilot programs.

If you're reading this blog, you probably know just how strongly I agree with what Steve has to say. Techno//Marketer is an extension of my love for technology and its impact on marketing. I often use the phrase "I speak marketer and geek fluently" when explaining to clients what I do. Those two skill-sets, however, are not the easiest to find in one person.

Here is what I see as the skills a Techno//Marketer needs to have:

  • Strong foundation in the basics of business
  • Un-ending curiosity for all things new
  • Love for experimentation
  • Consume media with break-kneck pace
  • Filter what is consumed into actionable, business-savvy solutions
  • Excellent communication/presentation skills (usually the downfall of pure geeks)
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Persistence to continue even when people doubt/fear you out of their own ignorance and short-sightedness

Are you a Techno//Marketer? What are some of the skills you think are most important? How do you use your powerful combination of skill sets to add value?

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