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Where have you gone John and Stephen?

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Let me ask you an honest question. Since YouTube was forced to remove all of their Viacom content, have you seen any web footage of John Stewarts's Daily Show or Stephen Colbert's Colbert Report?

At one point the two had a very high following on YouTube that resulted in millions of impressions. Then one day they were gone. Personally I haven't see one single clip since that point in time and I would wager the same is true for many of you. YouTube (according to a May 2007 HitWise survey, YouTube has a 60.2% market share in online video. It gets 50% more traffic than the closest 64 rival sites combined.

What have you noticed?

[If you cannot see the poll in your reader, click through to the post to weigh in.]

Yesterday, in an odd legal maneuver Google requested to have the two comedians deposed for trial. Surely Google wants them to talk about their exposure, but I wonder if the two know enough about it personally to make any difference.

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