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delicious_logo.gifAccording to a recent Pew Internet Life, 28% of internet users have tagged content with 7% tagging content every day. One of the most popular tagging sites out today is (although it's not the only one). I personally use it to a) help me remember content that I want to revisit later, b) provides collective intelligence information and c) share relevant information with my readers.

Here is an Inside//Out look at

Getting set up on the service is really straight forward and it easily integrates into the normal browsing experience. Clicking a link can tag the information, share it with the community and tell you how popular the content is.

Here are the keys to understanding tagging sites:

  • Very focused design puts information and usability first
  • Tags are keywords (yes it's that simple)
  • The tags are stored to your profile so you can reference them later from any web browser
  • Tags are shared globally so you can see related content from the entire network
  • You can create networks that feed aggregate content from all users and share
  • Popularity is gained by having something tagged multiple times in a shortened time frame
  • Great source for research, trend spotting and keeping the industry's pulse
  • Content is easily shared to blogs and other websites as well

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