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Buzz Friday for July 20, 2007

more-buzz.jpgHere is a look at what is happening across a couple of sites I keep an eye on. I am refining this post over time, so if there is anything you would like me to add just email me or leave a comment. Similarly, if you have something you think is Buzz Friday worthy let me know and I'll look it over for inclusion.

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Here are all of the items that I think are interesting this week:

  • Joe Jaffe started a firestorm in his podcast Across The Sound when he offered to allow a company to sponsor his podcast in trade for an iPhone. Mack Collier picked up and ran with it. Check the video for my take.
  • Valeria offers up a couple nice points on Facebook and other networks. I think there is a twist to this though. Check the video.
  • Becky Carroll has a fantastic primer on what user experience is. This is a must-read in my mind. David Armano is polling his readers about the top names in user experience.
  • BL Ochman had a really nice post on the "real value" of social networks. Her point (and mine as well) is that these networks are helping to build real relationships, share knowledge and improve our lives little by little. There is a lot going on in social media which makes it exciting and challenging. If you feel overwhelmed, just back off a bit.
  • Greg Verdino gets my award for best photo on a blog post. His point is something I preach all the time. To truly uinderstand social media and marketing with it, you have to use it. What are you waiting for? Jump in!
  • Sean Scott at 15 minutes bought a copy of the Age of Conversation and really hit the nail on the head in his post 'Is your company structured right?". Let's build on this momentum and affect change!
  • EBay's getting in on the Facebook movement.
  • My latest Commercial Worthy post is up at The Madison Avenue Journal. What do you think?
  • Mark's got an great take on what social networks he uses and why.
  • The VP of Strategic Marketing at FedEx doesn't like blogging and thinks it doesn't impact Google search results. He must not search very much. Check out Jeremiah's take.
  • Ever wonder what you'd look like as a Simpson character? Head over here and Simpsonize yourself.
  • Mashable has a great look at the numbers behind high-buzz sites like Pownce, Facebook and Twitter. Check it here.
  • Tech Crunch acquired the site InviteShare which allows people to get invites to new beta versions of social media sites.
  • Veoh signed a deal with Verizon to deliver videos from the site to Verizon mobile users. Look for more of this type of arrangement this next year.
  • Josh Hallet at HyKu posts about how blogging can be used to drive economic development.
  • Brilliant little bit of buzz viral in this post from Faris Yakob. This type of inteagration in the digital space is impressively engaging.
  • Facebook overtook MySpace in the UK foir the number of search queries.
  • Lots of good press on the Age of Conversation project that I am a part of. Check out the site for more info.
  • Hong Kong's mass transit train system is getting WiFi.
  • There is a rumor that Vodafone is looking to buy Verizon. Would be a major move for global cellular.
  • Google is trying to purchase a chunk of the US 700Mhz wireless spectrum (thank you Michelle!). With this move they could control what companies use it and how those arrangements with consumers happen. AT&T isn't happy and has responded.

Top 10 Technorati Searches

  1. youtube
  2. noelia
  3. skyblog
  4. harry potter
  5. ron paul
  6. myspace
  7. photobucket
  8. bebo
  9. xu jinglei
  10. iphone

Top Five Web2.0 Movers of the Week (using Alexa data)

  1. Zaadz
  2. 37 Signals
  3. Stickam
  4. Bolt
  5. Rojo


Top Ten Marketing Blogs from Viral Garden

  1. Seth's Blog
  2. Gaping Void
  3. Duct Tape Marketing
  4. Logic + Emotion
  5. Diva Marketing
  6. Daily Fix
  7. Converstations
  8. What's Next
  9. Church of the Customer
  10. Drew's Marketing Minute

View the top full top 25

Top Ten Marketing Blogs from Todd Andrlik - Check out my featured profile on Todd's site

  1. Seth Godin
  2. Micro Persuasion
  3. tompeters!
  4. Pronet Advertising
  5. Adrants
  6. SEOMoz Blog
  7. Online Marketing Blog
  8. Duct Tape Marketing
  9. Marketing Pilgrim
  10. PSFK

View the full list here

Top 5 "Viral" Videos This Week

  1. Will it blend? iPhone
  2. Breaking news: all online data lost...
  3. Debate '08: Obama girl vs. Giuliani girl
  4. Diet Coke and mentos
  5. The Wind


[Honorable mention: prison thriller from Sean Howard @ CrapHammer]

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