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Ads on Twitter disappointing

I was poking around Twitter this afternoon and clicked into the detail view on one of my tweets to David Armano. I glanced at it quickly and moved on...then I hit the back button. What to my wondering eyes did appear? Google AdSense ads on tweet detail pages. This is the first time I've seen straight out advertising on Twitter in a couple of months. (They used to do this before the crush of traffic hit.) I checked a couple of other pages and it was there too.

Picture 10.png

The ad on the page I was looking at was for Drucker Centrifuges...not sure what that had to do with me or what I wrote to David. One of the major challenges in social marketing is getting relevant. Throwing AdSense ads on pages is fine if the ads are relevant to the users. I would hope neither Twitter nor Drucker Centrifuges are happy about this and it looks bad for both.

I had a couple of thoughts:

  • With the short content of Tweets, is there enough to be contextual?
  • Is this really the model they're going to use to monetize Twitter?
  • They have an audience using mobile to communicate, why not run mobile related ads or have a dedicated sponsor for mobile posts?
  • A lot of people have moved to tweeting through applications like Twitterific (away from twitter.com). Will Twitter start ads in tweet updates from friends to reach people?

Come on Twitter let's Think2.0.

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