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How do you keep track your blog/brand?

buzz_small2.jpgAs more and more of us use social media to put ourselves and our companies out into the ether, how do you track what's happening? Who's linking to you? Who's repurposing your content? Who's saying nice things about you? Who's disagreeing with you? Are you reaching the audience you want to reach?

Here are the ways that I keep track of my personal brand. You can apply each of these to meet the needs of your situation.

  • Google Analytics - This is a free service from Google and is very comprehensive. You can see everything from where in the world people are coming from, what your top content is and if people are converting from readers to subscribers.
  • Technorati - Technorati is a great buzz measurement service that tracks what blogs are linking to you over time. It allows you to see who's saying what and allows you to expand your relationships to similar minded people.
  • Feedburner - This is the de-facto standard for gathering and analyzing the way in which people are engaging with your feed. Who's clicking what, how many subscribers you have, etc. It also shows you trend data so you can see if your content is working.
  • MyBlogLog - this service shows who (among MBL subscribers) is accessing your site. People with an account will show up in your reporting. You can use this information to engage with people as they pass by. It's a great way to reach out and engage casual visitors.
  • Google Alerts - This powerful service from Google enables keyword monitoring in near real time. I add phrases like 'Matt Dickman', 'Techno//Marketer' and my URL and I'm alerted anytime Google indexes something in their system. This service is usually the fastest service to deliver my information.
  • del.icio.us - I look at who is tagging my content in del.icio.us and what other content they're looking at. This is great research into your reader's interests and can help you come up with some new insights and post subjects.

Those are my big ones. I check them a couple of times a day to see how things are going and seeing who's passing through. Being mindful of this information can be a goldmine and allow you to connect more quickly with users and publish content more in tune with your reader's wants and needs. It enables you to hear the whole conversation and jump in with both feet.

Is there anything that you look at to keep on top of your personal or company brand in the blogosphere and beyond?

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