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Picture 3.pngThere are myriad ways of networking and connecting with people. Sites like LinkedIn and Ziki offer users ways to connect with others and extend their network online. Bloggers are natural connectors. The whole existence and future growth of the blogosphere is reliant on people making connections around content and creating rich conversations.

So as a blogger, and natural connector, who attends a host of networking events I want to drive people back to my online presence so they can start engaging with me. It took one meetup to figure out the pain of writing my blog address on my business card so I went in search of the solution. There are a number of options out there. You can create traditional business cards on the cheap, but they lack personality and look bad. You can get more ambitious and print custom biz cards, but the process online isn't that great and it's pricey.

moocards_top.jpgThen it hit me. I'd seen a company called Moo a while back when I was surfing through Flickr. Moo is a British company that just "loves to print". What the company does is print small (smaller than a business card) cards featuring your images (from Flickr or your harddrive) and then allows you to add copy to the front. I logged in and within minutes I had connected to my Flickr account, dragged in the photos I wanted on the cards, added my blog information and paid $40 for 200 cards.

moocards.jpgThe entire experience of is so well done that you almost know what the quality of the final product will be from the outset (the product exceeded my expectations as well). The copy they use, the messages and timing is fantastic. You'll find yourself smiling through the process. To boot, the price is great at $20 for 100 cards.

This is a really nice way to leave an impression on people so they remember you and connect to you online. The size of the cards and the content prompts everyone who gets one to ask you about them. These are great to promote your blog and LinkedIn address as well as showcasing your photography (even if it's your head shot). This would be great for photographers (Thomas Hawk uses Moo cards) as well as a host of other options like sharing play date information with other mothers or for neighborhood teenagers running a summer lawn service. On one card I have three different types of social media contact points; my blog, Flickr photos and LinkedIn profile.

The point is that a remarkable company is making a remarkable product and you can leverage that to be remarkable yourself.

UPDATE: Moo have just release their notecard product. I am going to order some to use as personal stationary and as thank you notes. Very cool.

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