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800x600_collage.jpgOne of my favorite trend watching sites is PopURLs. The information is timely and relevant and I have the ability to control a lot of the content on the page. One content area on the page shows the top 18 photos on Flickr at the moment (see a screen capture below). As you'll notice, the 18 images starting from left to right are from Flickr. The last three spots in each row are actually part of an ad for Hammer and Coop, a 70s action parody from BMW's Mini brand.

So what makes this kind of environmental advertising work?

  • It's obviously custom-made for this site and shows the brand cares enough to tailor the creative
  • It interrupts the user in an unexpected way to be more memorable
  • It's in line with the tone of the site and the audience

Here is the Mini example:

Picture 1.png

By comparison, here is the normal way this area looks...blatant and easily ignored:

Picture 2.png

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