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Picture 4.pngIf you are an advertiser (or marketing company creating ads) wouldn't you love for people to see your work and say "damn, that's nicely done and cool"? I was looking through my Twittersphere and came across a link to the Pandora music service. In order to bring music to people for free, the site serves up advertising to users.

Pandora allows advertisers to leverage technology and design to enhance the user experience. The page load that I saw was a very nicely done Altoids Chocolate surround. This combines their campaign which feeds in user messages to the advertising across the ad networks that Altoids uses.

Here is an example of a non-branded and branded surround. Pretty clear choice eh?

Picture 3.png

Picture 2.png

Kudos to the Altoids ad team. Not only is the page more aesthetically pleasing, but it combines user-generated content to add value and connect on a more personal level with consumers.

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