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Disenchanted with the Super Bowl ads

Super Ad Sunday is here

goal_small.jpgIt's not that I'm not a football fan, I am. But, I look forward to today (like many others in the marketing community) to see the ads. This year's advertising will be a mixture of user generated ads, from the likes of Doritos and Alka Seltzer, and the typical comedic beer ad shootout.

Ad Week via will be blogging the Super Bowl ads this year. Guest bloggers include Seth Godin, Joseph Jaffe, Tim Arnold, Andy Berlin, Chris Wall and Tom Messner. (I can't wait to get Seth's more pragmatic take to help cut through the hype.)

This is a nice experiment to engage top-level marketing bloggers and get real-time input. It will be interesting to see how the commentary works and what ads come out on top. Interactive marketers need to pay attention to the push to the internet and we all need to look at how/if these commercials drive real business results. More on that from me tomorrow.

For now, check out the SuperAdFreak site for the running commentary and enjoy the game.

Note: This Apple Macintosh ad really started the phenomenon of Super Bowl advertising as its own partitioned competition. Is the next groundbreaking commercial going to launch today?

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