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brand.gifEvery now and then, a marketing company decides to abandon a brand which has taken years of effort and millions of dollars to build. AT&T is the most recent example of this with their Cingular absorption. Cingular had a brand presence which resonated as young, hip and fun. These are descriptors that are not (and arguably will not be) embodied in AT&T.

What I am noticing is how Alltel is stepping right into Cingular's vacated shoes. Their recent ad campaigns have the same feel, are young and attempt to be humorous to connect with the consumer. I wonder if they're seeing a shift in people coming in from Cingular. I think people want to connect with their mobile provider on a personal level and is why I think this is an interesting tactic by Alltel.

I see smaller scale examples of this from time-to-time. New companies try to ride the coattails of a competitor by mimicking their marketing voice and then differentiating on features and benefits.

Have you seen other examples of this in business?

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